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Eu Ban On Cheap Meat Helps Consumers

Producers attack EU ban on process that strips cheap meat from bone | The Times

The price of burgers, sausages and chicken nuggets will rise after a technique for removing cheap meat from the bone was banned, the industry warned yesterday.

Tim Smith, chief executive of the FSA, said there were no food safety grounds for reclassifying desinewed meat. “There is no greater risk from eating this sort of produce than any other piece of meat or meat product. The EU Commission has informed us today they do not consider this to be an identified public health concern,” he said.
He insisted that desinewed meat was indistinguishable under a microscope from meat cut by hand. “It’s meat,” he said. “Mechanically separated meat is completely different.”
However, he said that Britain had to comply with the ruling to prevent a “devastating” export ban on all British meat.
Bernard Van Goethem of the European Commission said that the decision had been made on legal grounds because the definition of desinewed meat varied around the EU. The consequent changes in labelling rules would help the consumer. “He wants to know if [his sausage] is made from mechanically separated meat or a real piece of meat that was cut into small pieces.”.

It is why the queue at the late night kebab shop is so long as the customers debate the provenance, breed and the farming system of the meat they are considering buying just like M.Van Goethem does at that very nice Brussels restaurant where he grazes on choice morsels.


All part of the wider strategy to starve the poor. Next: "minimum calorie pricing" to drive up food standards.

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