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Full Steam Ahead And Damn The Tosser

Don’t shoot, I’m just a water guerrilla | The Sunday Times

Australian-born Trenton Oldfield, 35, a one-time public school oarsman who graduated in contemporary urbanism at the London School of Economics. He had worked as a council co-ordinator for river strategy along the same stretch of water where he stopped the race.
Oldfield describes himself variously as an “urbanist” and a “guerrilla architect”.
It emerged last night that an organisations he runs, This Is Not A Gateway, is partly funded by the Arts Council England. Another of his campaigns is aimed at removing fences and railings from London’s parks.
Although Oldfield rages against “elitism”, he went to one of Sydney’s exclusive private schools. He claimed the school was “mass producing yuppies”, threw out his uniform and grew a goatee beard. After he left, Oldfield complained that he missed rowing at the school.

Race organisers said he was lucky not to have had his head sliced open by an oar.

Oxford paid the price of stopping down for him, he should have been treated as any other piece of flotsam. Maybe a suitable punishment now would be half an hour in the team shower, but he might enjoy that.


Lift the oars for a couple of seconds, shoot past the idiot, and carry on.

What were they thinking?

Or just run the silly prat over, of course.

He should get 60 days in jail, followed by deportation back to OZ, so he can't complete his studies at LSE.

AN MSC in contemporary urbanism? what the hell is that? I trust his rich parents paid full whack for such drivel, but I assume that the LSE is gobbling up huge amounts of our tax money for 'providing' this drivel? Makes media studies sound worthwhie....

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