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Tax The Dumbbells

No pain, no gain – but don’t exercise too hard - News - Scotsman.com

injuries caused by workers trying to follow a New Year fitness resolution have led to a big increase in sickness absence in the past few weeks, according to research.

The problem of ambitious exercise regimes is causing headaches for employers having to deal with staff taking time off to recover, it was warned.

Mark Fletcher, clinical director at Physio Med, said: “Musculoskeletal injuries are currently the number one reason for long-term sickness absence in the workplace.

Keep fit eh? It seems to me that all the lycra clad fools I ever meet are hobbling to or from their weekly visit to the quack. I'm convinced they are a drain on the NHS and should be taxed heavily.


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Actually Oxford paid the price for having a cox who was unable to steer , bloody women drivers eh? It's not as though the race umpire wasn't yelling at her to get back on line...

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