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Whose Money Is It?

| Damian Carrington | Environment | guardian.co.uk

....if you think the principle of the government butting out of your life is so valuable that ministers should just stand by and allow you to burn your own money..(This is a point of) view which really stuns...

Yes Damian I do believe that the Government should butt out of my life if I want to set fire to a pile of fivers, or spent it on women and song, or buy a racing bike or even splurge out on a copy of the Guardian.
And that makes me an extemist?


It's a principle they just can't get through their noggin, can they?


They just have no sense of irony whatever, do they?

I call it the "Browninan Motion" : ALL money belongs to the state. That fool even once said "5 billion taken OUT of the economy" when he was referring to money left in tax-payers pockets !

Alan Douglas

They would love people buning money. If we all burn it then they would have nothing to redeem. Its the opposite of printing money and you are paying for it of your own free will.

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