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Greenpeace - No Free Speech For Deniers

Greenpeace FAQ

Don't the deniers have a right to free speech?
There's a difference between free speech and a campaign to deny the climate science with the goal of undermining international action on climate change.However, there's also responsibility that goes with freedom of speech - which is based around honesty and transparency.Freedom of speech does not apply to misinformation and propaganda.

Scary that they put this on their website without a worry.


This is the 21st century heresy, to be sceptical, to challenge, fortunately in our enlightened times the sceptic is not bound in chains and thrust into a pyre; unfortunately it's not just Greenpeace, our current government has its "Nudge" adherents, "libertarian paternalism" in its most gross form that is denying moral independence.

I recommend Frank Furedi - On Tolerance, A Defence of Moral Independence.

The late Dr. Goebbels welcomed news reporters to see the construction of the new German state and society.
All he asked was that they should be "objective"

Marxism - Leninism insisted that only the "correct" line on any subject should be publicly discussed/

The Roman Catholic Church used to work on the principle that "freedom should be granted to truth but not to error"

Once you have accepted the true faith of man-made global warmism/environmental catastrophism, everything must be
subservient to that and any inconvenient facts and persons suppressed, lest they lead believers astray.

Is it too soon to call for an inquesition and subsequent purge of non-believers? Maybe re-education camps and gulugs.

"...honesty and transparency..."

Yeah? Tell that to the UEA so we can scrutinise the 'climate science' through independent verification, which is what real science is about.

Without such verification the whole Man-Made-Global-Warming, Catastrophic-Anthropogenic-Climate-Change money-grabbing guilt-trip is based on nothing but ...misinformation and propaganda...".

Greenpeace has never been about "free speech". Not for anybody. Not ever.

Greenpeace should have its charitable status revoked worldwide just like in New Zealand. It's a political propaganda machine. Nothing more nothing less.

what about revoking their ability to claim tax relief on donations? :)

Somewhere I remember someone saying that they "opens little black book and enters a very large cross against a name. Then strokes a piece of hemp muttering 'there, there my pretty soon, soon.'" To quote a phrase: "You're going to need a lot of rope." (Jaws)

It always amazes me how thick these morons are. Socialism was founded on:

"From each accoring to his ability to each according to their need."

The writer of the Greenpeace quote hasn't worked out who determines what and therefore doesn't understand that this led to Stalinism and 25 million deaths in the USSR and 70 Million deaths in China under Mao. It needed a cadre of zealots just like him/her with only one truth. At least with old Labour one had Aneurin Bevan who had the good sense to state, "Tell me your truth and I'll tell you mine."

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