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EU Teaching Kids About Climate Change Resources

Eu - Teachers' Corner - 0 to 9 years

What scorching weather!

This book explains the causes and effects of climate change through the story of a boy who helps firemen extinguish a forest fire and save his friend Lila the fox.


And so on...pass the sick bag. - but they also say "You are welcome to tell us what you think about the teaching resources on Teachers’ Corner. Click on “Your review” and then rate or comment on a resource."

I'm tempted.


Also tempted but it's a good way for them to record dissidents! The EU emergency number shows a cop most unlike the UK, (no Hi viz jacket, stab vest, etc, etc) and wearing a gun.

I will have hours of fun over there reviewing the books. If ever I need to make a case for the burning of books, that bloody lot would do it.

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