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Traveller Update (The Last One I Hope)

Plod refused to use their powers so I contacted some very nice gentlemen in the morning who operating under the Common Law rights of Landowners came down in the afternoon and gave the travellers a notice and a promise to be back today with a tow truck.

The caravans went very quickly.

Note to self - Don't bother even phoning the police next time.


Well done - big relief. And you don't have to bury the bodies yourself. Obviously the Council will give you a rebate for leaving you to use their services.

Well done.

Well done, but be wary for the next while.

"Note to self - Don't bother even phoning the police next time."

Didn't you mean :

Note to self - Don't bother paying the police precept next time." ?

Alan Douglas

You could do them the favour of correcting the spelling etc on their website. For this sort of service, I'd be much more inclined to entrust myself to a service with a website that appeared accurate and authoritative, so I would think they would benefit from correcting what might otherwise be minor errors.

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