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Boo Hoo Cries Climate "Scientist"

TV show giving voice to climate sceptics is skewing evidence, scientists say | Environment | guardian.co.uk

An Australian television documentary that gives equal weight to a climate sceptic and a believer has been strongly criticised by scientists as unfairly skewing the evidence on global warming.
Scientists and environmentalists say the film gives the misleading impression that the debate on the science of climate change is not settled.

"At best, only a couple of per cent of the world's climate scientists query the basic science so having an equal proportion of sceptics on any programme totally biases the debate," said Professor Andy Pittman, co-director of the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.

"The problem with people like Morano is that they have a very forceful way of putting their arguments, even though each one of them is wrong. Because he comes across as very slick, people believe him," he said.

"People watch a programme like this and they think there's a scientific debate. It's a lose, lose situation for climate scientists," he said.

Guess which side is losing in the poll the programme is running...


If you want to join in here's the Oz postcode site. Pick a number, it doesn't link to anyone. http://www.postcodes-australia.com/

Here's Deller's take on the show that the Graun reckons is giving "equal weight" to sceptics:


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