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Up The Workers

Pay teachers according to performance, MPs propose | Education | The Guardian

Teachers' pay should be more closely tied to the value they add to pupils' performance so that the best are rewarded while the weakest are discouraged from staying in the profession, MPs on the education select committee are to recommend.

The MPs say there are "huge differences" in the performance of teachers but express concern that the pay system rewards poorly performing teachers at the same levels as their more successful counterparts.

In a report, the committee urges ministers to develop proposals for a pay system that rewards the teachers who add the "greatest value" to pupil performance.

The report says: "We believe that performance management systems should support and reward the strongest teachers, as well as make no excuses (or, worse, incentives to remain) for the weaker."

Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), said: "Payment by results is total nonsense. Performance-related pay [PRP] is not only inappropriate but also divisive."

Divisive is good, we want to drive a post between the good and bad teachers, the ones that go the extra yard and the workshy. It's what our kids deserve.


At the same time teachers should demand appropriate sanctions for disruptive 'students'.

At the same time teachers should demand appropriate sanctions for disruptive 'students'.

My sister does supply teaching, from what she tells me it would appear the trouble is as much to do with the leadership at the schools she visits as it is with individual teachers.
Having seen what nuLabor did educating my two daughters, it should be a criminal offence letting children leave school unable to read and write properly.
That might sharpen teacher's minds more than performance related pay!

The problem with standards is who sets them these days? Hopefully not those currently in positions of power in education.

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