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Defend Science

Anti-GM activists urged not to trash wheat field | UK news | The Guardian

Crop scientists have appealed to anti-GM protesters not to trash a field trial of genetically modified wheat at a day of action later this month.

Researchers wrote to campaigners on Tuesday and also recorded a video plea, making a move to address the concern of campaigners and thus save their experiments. The plant biologists at Rothamsted Research, the government-funded agricultural centre in Hertfordshire, invited protesters to discuss their objections instead of uprooting the crops on 27 May.

They took the unusual step of filming an appeal after campaigners, with the slogan "Take back the flour", pledged to pull up the wheat plants.

The video the Guardian fails to link to is here:

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Petition signed.

Thanks for posting this Tim.

Petition signed.

Thanks for posting this Tim.

Am I the only person who is a little uncomfortable with the pleading tone of this campaign? It is clear that rational debate is an intellectual step too far for the 'activists' and their mind is made up. If they were prepared to look at the evidence and apply a common sense approach they wouldn't have made their threats in the first place. They know when, and they know where,and they know who, so how difficult would it be for the police to do their job and prevent these ignorant soap dodgers breaking the law by carrying out this pointless publicity stunt?

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