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Green Olympic Art Project - What's Not To Like?

Olympic Arctic art project Nowhereisland deserves to sink | Leo Hickman | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Just what was the Arts Council thinking when it agreed back in 2009 to hand over £500,000 to the artist Alex Hartley in order for him and 18 volunteers to create Nowhereisland?

The creative idea itself is actually rather captivating: find an Arctic island that has recently been exposed by melting ice and then break off some rocks to form a new "island nation" which can then be transported to the waters off the UK in time for the 2012 Olympics.

During its conception, Hartley billed it as a "travelling embassy" intended to highlight issues such as climate change and land ownership....

So bad even Leo is against it!

http://nowhereisland.org/ should be on the National Health as it is such an effective emetic... and there is more...

I feel purged now.


Please tell me that second video is a parody.

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