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Caravan Of Climate Change

Energy and Economic Crises SOLVED! | Watts Up With That?

This story is from the “you can’t make this stuff up” file. Some of our British cousins have figured out a way to solve it all. They have set up the One Million Jobs Caravan, as part of a “Campaign Against Climate Change” … I’m not sure how they plan to stop the climate from changing, but apparently it takes a million people to do it. To fight against CO2 emissions, the backers plan to get into fossil-fueled vehicles and drive, the lot of them, from city to city all around England and Scotland. And then back again....

Unfortunately the website seems to be down at the moment as I would love to read their pamphlet http://www.climate-change-jobs.org/sites/default/files/1MillionClimateJobs_2010.PDF explaining how creating one million unionised government jobs to do "green" things is going to rescue the economy and world. But I do note the date of the report is 2010 and it has taken them two years to organise a couple of caravans to publicise it.

And haven't we learnt over the last two years how effective creating green jobs is?...


The same file appears to be available here: http://www.capacity.org.uk/downloads/1MillionClimateJobs_2010.PDF

I can't be arsed to read it.

It is pure coincidence that the lefty's cure for AGW always requires higher taxes, bigger government and jobs for their supporters. You surely don't think this is a huge conspiracy do you??

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