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Taxing Sins

The Wages of Sin Taxes by Chris Snowdon

...Although there is ample evidence that sin taxes of this kind do not work, we run the risk of accepting the medical establishment’s terms of debate by even discussing it. The real argument against this kind of state interference is that what we eat and drink is simply no one’s business but our own. As he shows in The Wages of Sin Taxes, the claim that obesity is an economic time-bomb which forces the slim to pay for the sins of the fat is fallacious. Without that justification, the meddlers are exposed as the ugliest brand of paternalists. It is time to call these taxes what they are - fines for living in a way that displeases the British Medical Association. But since it is clear that these doctors won’t be happy until they can issue us with ration books, perhaps it time to remind these public servants who their masters are.

It might be worth printing out a copy or two and leave them in your Doctor's waiting room...


Over the last six years members from the Make it Safe Coalition (MISC) have arranged
an assembly of Whistleblowers in Washington,DC each year for an annual conference
originally known as Washington Whistleblower’s Week. The ACORN 8 and the USDA
Coalition of Mionrity Employees will co-­‐host this year’sWhistleblower Summit on
Civil & Human Rights.

This year’s theme is WoW…Obama—fighting the War on Whistleblowers and Women.
We are proud to announce that MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan has agreed to participate
and that the PACIFICA Radio Network will broadcast the historic event nationally this year.

The Pillar Human Rights Award for International Person’s of Conscience will be awarded to notable civil and human rights champions.The international press may cover the event as well.


The Opening Plenary and Panel Discussion will take place in the
Dirksen Building Senate Judiciary Hearing Room on May 21, 2012 (12:00—4:00 PM).Followed by Welcome Reception and Art Auction at the Mott House on May21, 2012 (5:00—7:00 PM)


A Press Conference on the Mall at the Martin Luther King Memorial will be held on May 22, 2012 (11:00—2:00 PM). Followed by Historic Whistleblower Book Signing and Film Screening at Busboy’s & Poets (14th and V. Street)on May 22, 2012(4:00—8:00 PM).Notable authors, whistleblowers and advocates include Tom Devine, the Whistleblowers Survival Guide; Michael McCray, ACORN8: Race, Power & Politics, and Eyal Press, Beautiful Souls.


Civil and Human Rights Roundtable on the War on Women,and the War on Whistleblowers will be held at the Mott House on May 23, 2012 (10:00—2:00 PM). ACORN 8, USDA Coalition of Minority Employees and the MISC are an assortment of various public interest/advocacy groups. For more information call 202.370.6635 or 703.743.0565 or for more information please visit the ACORN8.com website.

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