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Not A Nanny State

No 10 guide to changing nappies and baby talk - Telegraph

New parents will be given government advice on changing nappies, breastfeeding and “baby talk” under a multi-million pound initiative to support family life.
A £3.4million digital information service, which begins today, will provide free email alerts and text messages with NHS advice “on everything from teething to tantrums”, Mr Cameron said.
Separate pilot schemes will offer couples with young children free parenting classes and subsidised relationship counselling to help cope with “tiredness” and “mess”.
Launching the initiatives, Mr Cameron said he “would have loved” more advice on how to look after babies before becoming a parent for the first time.
“Parents are nation-builders,” he said. “It’s through love and sheer hard work that we raise the next generation with the right values.
“This is not the nanny state; it’s the sensible state.

Thank goodness he put me right, for one moment there I thought it was literally a Nanny State.


1. Smell baby
2. Buy disposable nappies
3. Read instructions
4. Get au pair to change baby
5. Tell new baby to belt up.


You forgot "hold nose".

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