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Last night in the beer garden at my local pub..


Whoever filmed this was standing about 4 feet in front of me.

What a brilliant day.

And what a lovely place the Vale of Pewsey is, and in particular All Cannings.


By the way, my old friend: the Dewhurst political ad you're running is a slander against Ted Cruz, one of the candidates for the vacant Texas seat in the U.S. Senate. (I know you don't have any control over the content, so don't worry, but I just thought I'd correct the record in case any other Texans wander by here.)

For the record: Dewhurst is a machine politician of the worst kind. His campaign cronies have been telling sponsors that if they give money to Cruz's campaign, they'll put the hex on any legislation which affects their companies. Nothing that can be attributed to Dewhurst, of course: he has what lawyers call "plausible deniability" so he's protected.

For the record: I was leaning towards voting for Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate. He's a good man, has an excellent record on all the issues I want support for in the Senate, and he's not a machine politician like Dewhurst. Now, after learning about Dewhurst's disgusting dirty tricks, plus seeing his misleading ads, I'm DEFINITELY going to be voting against Dewhurst, and for Ted Cruz.

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