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Reason 54 to Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend

- we are being given a break from hearing about the Olyawnpics. Bet Queen Sebastian Coe is stamping his little feet because he isn't on the front pages..


UPDATE - She still has it.



In the paper this morning, a Scottish schoolboy told to cover up a Union Jack T-shirt because it was sectarian. It was a non-uniform day and his French teacher sent him to the headmaster who told him to wear a jumper over it. He rang his father who took him home and is waiting for an apology from the school and teacher.

I assume you have this photo too.
Queen better than Obama

In urban Scotland, a Union flag means you support Rangers, which means you're a Protestant, which means you want to beat up all "Tims", ie Catholics.

So actually it IS sectarian.

That's why you see so many Union flags in Glasgow - it's not so much that they support HM (though they do like her - she's referred to as "Gran") but really so as to display their footballing allegiance.

In rural areas (and possibly in Edinburgh, at least the posher parts) a Union flag means what you think it means, so these comments don't apply.

Local knowledge is everything...

(oh and btw all Scottish schoolchildren are segregated at age 5 or so, between Prod and Tim primary schools. The Tim ones get more money from the state. And you thought wee Eck wanted to stop all this sectarianism? Gullible you...)

I don't care for your system much (or I'd likely live there!) but how can you not love her?

Wouldn't want to break into her chamber and sit on her bed.

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