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Fuel Poverty _ The Cost of Going Green

Why climate change needs higher energy bills | Duncan Clark | Environment | guardian.co.uk

We need to make people care sufficiently about climate change that they're prepared to pay more for energy in the short and medium term in order to avoid potentially catastrophic environmental, social and economic impacts in the long term.

If you're not convinced, just take a look at the recent analysis of energy bills by the Committee on Climate Change. Greens usually cite this document to show that wholesale gas prices are behind recent bill increases – and also that efficiency measures could limit future rises. Those are both crucial points. But the analysis also contains a less comfortable message: that over the next decade, renewable subsidies and carbon taxes will add far more to energy bills than rising gas prices are expected to. Indeed, if ambitious efficiency measures get implemented as we hope, then by 2020 clean-energy subsidies and carbon taxes will most likely account for more than a fifth of domestic electricity bills

What we have been saying all along, thanks for confirming.


As always the greenies mis-state their point.

Paying more for energy does not reduce carbon emissions, only using less energy can do that.

Their mission to cause less energy to be used is, they seem to believe, best accomplished by using cost as the weapon. Make it more expensive and less will be used, ergo we will spew (an infinitessimally) smaller amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Now back to the real world.

If you make something that gives people greater comfort more expensive you will achieve an obviously predictable result. Those who can't afford to pay the increased cost without affecting their other enjoyments in life will either cut down on their energy usage or cut down on something else. Those who can afford it will either cut down their energy usage or cut down the amount they save. No other options exist.

As always with greenie initiatives, it is those at the bottom of the economic tree who will suffer most.

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