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Not All The People All The Time

Global Warming Belief - YouGov survey for The Sunday Times (£)

Less than half the public believe climate change is man-made, according to a new poll.


The YouGov survey for The Sunday Times reveals just 43% think human activity is making the world warmer. This compares with 55% when the same question was asked in 2008.

The number who believe the world is not becoming warmer has risen from 7% to 15%.


Opinion polls are always interesting. Though more usually (IMHO) by what they say of the pollster and/or his paymaster than by what people respond.

It is certainly warmer in my house because of my activity. After all, I pay for the gas and electricity - equipment and fuel - and throw the switch. And I'm human. And nowhere else (I'm pretty certain) gets balancingly colder because of my 'activity'.

So just what do the 43% mean by their votes: individually and collectively?

More seriously, there is an atmospheric 'greenhouse effect'. But it is not material, let alone catastrophic. It is overwhelmed in any significance by other natural processes, both positive and negative.

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Yougov is bullshit. I always put the most controversial option down and I know several others who do the same or have a Yougov persona, e.g. bleeding heart Labour voter who supports higher government spending, black Tory on £10K a year who hates immigrants, regardless of their actual views. It's easier to just answer the poll questions according to how the Daily Mail portrays your persona, than to actually think. I do the polls while watching TV anyway, and they only pay £1 per hour, hardly an incentive to answer properly. Also, it takes 2 years to accumulate £50 and get a cheque.

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