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Olympics Summary Justice

Fast-track justice scheme for London 2012 offenders | The Times

People who commit offences linked to the Olympics will face “instant justice” under plans to deal with troublemakers and bring them to court within 24 hours, The Times can reveal....Prosecutors will be on call 24 hours a day to assist with charging and virtual courts, already at Camberwell and Bromley, will be used heavily, with up to 22 planned hearings a day, to cut the movement of prisoners across the capital.
“Offenders will be ‘beamed’ into a hearing to avoid dealing with traffic disruption,”...

A few of the offences that will get right up Sir Sebum Coe's nose are outlined here. Basically anything that mentions London or 2012 or anything at all that the sponsors don't like will have you in chokey quicker than a IOC Committee member chases a chambermaid down the corridor.

The Olympics, doncha love 'em!


These are civil claims that Coe is banging on about. The magistrates will be dealing with pickpockets, muggers, and similar worthless scum, and more power to their elbow.

And watch out for Argentinians waving light blue and white flags and screaming on about the Islands. Send them to Port Stanley (in the hold of a cargo ship) for local summary justice there!

Oh, dream on, Andrew . . .

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