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If You Shag With The Lights On The Electricity Board Will Judge You

Opinion of the European Data Protection Supervisor

The Europe-wide rollout of ‘smart metering systems’ enables massive collection of personal information from European households, thus far unprecedented in the energy sector. The potential intrusiveness of collection is increased by the fact that data are collected, which may infer information about domestic activities: data may track what members of a household do within the privacy of their own homes.

And they give the power supplier the power to "tune" your consumption by turning on and off "smart" appliances.

Going off grid looks attractive.


Already have one and am having trouble with the utilities company. It's getting worse.

What sort of trouble James?

we have one and so far nothing untoward has happened.

Maybe the large UPS makes the "smartness" of the meter ineffective heh heh.

That's interesting, you could go "off the grid" on the grid with a battery pack and some inverter nonsense. Basically use the grid to charge and time shift your usage.

Ridiculous waste of money, but I like messing with their lame spy activities.

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