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Cats - For Mad Women Only

'Cat ladies' more likely to commit suicide, scientists claim - Telegraph

Women who own cats are more likely to have mental health problems and commit suicide because they can be infected by a common parasite that can be caught from cat litter, a study has found.

Toxoplasma gondii- nasty parasite, but "clever" as it alters behaviour in host species to make them more likely to pass it on.
Just look at the cat loving freaks you know.


Conversely, I am informed (by my wife, who is a secretary to mental health professionals) that potential suicides are less likely to follow through if they have pets, because of concern for the pets' welfare. The difference, I suppose, is that toxoplasmosis turns "normal" people suicidal, whereas having pets turns suicidal people normal.

A cat's proper place is in the barn (to keep the rodents/reptiles in check), NOT in the house.

(Written with a very large black cat purring on my lap.)

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