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Not Pro Bono

The Bono (prize git) Rule - TomWinnifrith.com

To be fair to Bono he is not wrong about everything.

Tom's blog is excellent - do bookmark it but this statement confuses me.

I no more study Mr Bono's pronouncement than I do the random dog turds I pass in the street but I can't recall anything he has even been near to being correct on, and as for saying he has written some excellent music when the turgid effluvium from his band of beat musicians manages to be uniquely the one Irish band without merit is beyond me.


There is a story doing the rounds about Bono. His band were playing a gig in Glasgow some years ago when in the middle of a song the crooner stopped the band and started clapping his hands above his head. "Each time I clap my hands a child in Africa dies", the pompous git said. After an awkward pause a voice came up from the audience; "F*ckin' stop doing it then". Sweet!

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