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Eu Just Don't Understand.

It'€™s the EU or obscurity, Britain told | The Times

Britain would be reduced to the status of Norway or Switzerland if it left the European Union, the President of the European Commission has warned.
In a provocative intervention over Britain’s increasingly difficult relationship with Europe, José Manuel Barroso said he found it “curious” and “a bit ironic” that Eurosceptics in Westminster were effectively campaigning for Britain to have a diminished international role.
“Sometimes when I look at the debate in the UK, I ask myself, ‘How is it that this country is so open to the world, and apparently so closed to Europe?’ It seems a contradiction.”


I think it's time someone told Barroso that we are wide open to Europe, it's the EU that we want to leave.

Or is he being deliberately provocative?


The status of Norway or Switzerland?

What, you mean rich people living comfortably in a beautiful country, with abundant resources, good energy supplies, and control of their own affairs?

And our problem with that would be?

Yes, we would move from being 1/27th of a rule-enforcing rigidity, with many of the other 26 EU members mindlessy and compulsively ANTI-Britain, to being 100 % in charge of our own affairs and relationships with that active and growing world of what, 200 + countries outside the sclerotic EU.

That would be quite terrible*.

Alan DOuglas

* for the EU

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