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Road Safety - Forget the numbers let's get touchy feely instead.

Road safety: narrow focus on casualty statistics is misleading | John M Morrison | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Recording public perceptions of risk would give society a more holistic view on whether our roads are getting safer or not.....
.... the unquestioning acceptance of the conventional wisdom that road safety is defined exclusively in terms of casualty and accident statistics. A road is "safe" for cyclists or children if there are no accidents involving cyclists or children.....the Department for Transport doesn't measure perceptions, only crash statistics. It should copy the Home Office, which annually supplements its crime statistics by publishing the British Crime Survey, that measures perceptions. Then we might come closer to a more holistic view of whether our roads are really getting safer or more dangerous.

The author is bicyclist, the numbers don't match what he feels about roads so the numbers must be wrong...


"Holistic" is the new word for "bullshit".

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