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Olympic Prison Camp

Olympic%20Prison.jpg Click for larger

Just in time for the Olympics - a Prison Camp has been built on Salisbury Plain. Who can it be for?

UPDATE - Silly me - of course it is just a "civilian population compound" - probably.


Copyright infringers and Britons

It isn't Britons who have to worry about being persecuted, only English people.

Sinister. One had hoped that with the demise of NuLabour that this nonsense would stop, but it would seem that Dyve really is the heir to Blair.

"Each compound consists of two ISO Shipping Containers surrounded by 60 metres of a demountable hoarding system, to represent civilian compounds that are currently found in theatre."

Funny - that looks more like 60 x 60 metres, with something that looks very like a guard tower at each corner...

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