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Totnes - No To Choice

Totnes: the town that declared war on global capitalism | Business | The Guardian

The locals of the Devon resort have gone to war – with Costa Coffee. But why are they desperate to stop a branch of the giant chain opening up in town? And can they win?

Scary big bad wolf coming! If you don't want it then let it open and don't use it, they will soon run away with their tail between their legs if it loses them money. But what? You are afraid if people are given the choice they will prefer to go there than than the hand knitted tofu and acorn coffee shop they currently have to use? You don't people to have the choice?

More on Totnes here


That's not quite how it works, I think. A corporate business has only to take, oh, 10% off the top of the individual trader's earnings and the fingernails slip off the edge of the cliff. First, eliminate opposition; then do as you please.

I know Totnes well and there are many good places for a cuppa already. If I wanted a parade of same-same chain stores I could stay here in Birmingham, or indeed any place that the corporatists have colonised.

The individual freedom-lover is or should be a natural ally of the individual-run business, otherwise we're heading for mass everything and fairly meaningless "choices".

Totnes has been hippies-ville for years, this is exactly the sort of nonsense I would expect there.

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