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Buying Children's Minds

Daily Kos: Heartland Institute plans to instill climate-change denialism in every schoolchild

Brad Johnson has come into possession of internal documents of the Heartland Institute. These show that the organization "is planning to develop a 'global warming curriculum' for elementary schoolchildren that presents climate science as 'a major scientific controversy.' This effort, at a cost of $100,000 a year....

Maryland gets grant to help teach climate change - baltimoresun.com

Teachers in Maryland are about to get new help and encouragement to talk about the touchy topic of global warming in their classrooms. The National Science Foundation announced Wednesday that it is awarding $5.8 million for improving climate-change education in Maryland and Delaware through a partnership including universities and school systems from both states.

The two-state initiative is one of six such education projects the foundation is funding across the country and in the nation's Pacific island territories....

The federal funding is intended to cover five years' work, Boesch explained, with the first year largely devoted to holding workshops for teachers and preparing educational resources.

Information to be provided to teachers will be tailored to address how climate change manifests itself in the Mid-Atlantic region, Boesch said.

"Sea level is going to rise," he said. "What will that mean for Maryland, Delaware, and the Chesapeake and Delaware bays? What are the consequences of climate change to our water resources in this region?"

The climate-change initiative was welcomed by national groups devoted to teaching science.

A magnitude of difference in the funding....


Devil's advocate here: The argument will be (and it's a pretty good one) -- one is the National Science Foundation, the other is the Heartland Institute.

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