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Olympic Decimation Of UK Tourism

UKinbound | Press Releases

....a national survey of UKinbound members which was carried out over the weekend across all sectors of the membership to establish the impact of the 2012 Games on inbound tourism businesses.

The research, conducted by Qa Research in conjunction with UKinbound, showed that for the period of 23 July - 12 August, 66% of members surveyed stated that year on year inbound tourism bookings or inbound tourism visitors numbers were significantly lower and a further 22% stated they were slightly lower.

Furthermore, 59% of those who believed numbers were considerably lower stated they had seen decreases in excess of 10%.

For the post Olympic period 13 August – 9 September, 82% stated that bookings or visitor numbers were lower or significantly lower year on year.

72% of members agreed with the statement that ‘lack of accommodation for advanced booked groups in London had adversely affected destinations around the UK’ during the Olympics.

Rita Beckwith CEO City Cruises commented: “As an industry we knew the Games would have a negative impact on international visitor numbers to London but the impact on the rest of the UK, combined with domestic visitors staying away, has been deeply disappointing.

After a party always a hang-over. This disaster won't make the UK papers.


This could have the tag "\blinding flash of the obvious"

P.S. Good to see someone use "decimate" correctly - i.e. to destroy/kill one tenth and not to leave one tenth.

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