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Best News of The Day

Red wine may help balance in older people - Health - Scotsman.com

AN ingredient in red wine may help to keep older people steady on their feet, research suggests.

The findings may have implications for preventing life-threatening falls in older people, say scientists.

Lead researcher Dr Jane Cavanaugh, from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, US, said: “Our study suggests that a natural compound like resveratrol, which can be obtained either through dietary supplementation or diet itself, could actually decrease some of the motor deficiencies that are seen in our ageing population.

“And that would, therefore, increase an ageing person’s quality of life and decrease their risk of hospitalisation due to slips and falls.”

"dietary supplementation" - doesn't he mean just having a glass or two of claret? Though I can't say I have noticed it helps me keep my balance.


It may depend on the size of the glass...

Bggur - ijsut fnisshed 2 botts of chabliss. Shood haf sicked 2 da wry occra.

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