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Windfall Tax Not Medals For Olympic Heroes

Olympians whose winning ways will see them going for more gold - Telegraph

Sponsors, advertisers and management teams are now swarming around the stars of Team GB. A month ago, many of them were nobodies; now they are the faces of the most successful sporting event in British history. So who will the biggest earners be?
Gold medal-winners will make the most money, predicts Nigel Currie, director of sports marketing agency brandRapport. “Ennis could probably earn £3.5 million a year from sponsorship and media appearances; and Farah could get up towards £2.5 million,” he says. “Rutherford will do well, as will Sir Chris Hoy....

So the taxpayer has stumped up millions to enable these athletes achieve their best, to become an elite, and they get to keep the loot. "Privatizing profits and socialising losses" - if they were bankers I think there would be outrage.


Aren't you forgetting that they'll pay taxes on those earnings?

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