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ffinlo Wants Wiltshire Whirlygigs

Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance - note teh URL http://www.costaincommunications.com/WiltshireCEA-OurCampaign.htm

Yes that is Costain, as in construction, but this is the ffinlo Costain not the company. ffinlo "is a professional change campaigner" (ffinlo is a silly first name, not an acronym, though I'm working on that).

ffinlo has rounded up the usual suspects to complain that Wiltshire Council actually took a decision without asking ffinlo's opinion, and that the decision was that the good folk of Wiltshire weren't to be threaten by bird mincer blades flying off within a couple of miles of their houses. Which rather buggered up the chances of any more bat beaters being erected on our green and pleasant.

ffinlo wants you to compain - details of how to contact him are at http://www.costaincommunications.com/WiltshireCEA-Contact.html or you could contact the co-ordinator Sophy Fearnley-Whittingstall - yes, she is Hugh's sister.

There seems to be a pattern emerging here...


ffinlo - foul, farting idiot, needs locking oop?

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