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Peter Gleick's Mates Promise Veggie Hell

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists | Global development | The Guardian

Leading water scientists have issued one of the sternest warnings yet about global food supplies, saying that the world's population may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages....According to research by some of the world's leading water scientists....at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

Ah the SIWI! Dr. Peter Gleick's stomping ground....


See under Paul Ehrlich...1975... "The population of the US will be starving by the mid-90's"... etc etc etc

Yadda, yadda...

Are these people incapable of introspection?

Have they any idea how absurd they'll look?

Or that so many people have been similarly wrong, and similarly absurd, so many times?


Wrong,yes time and time again.
However there are thousands of rich and powerful people who are taking advantage of idiots like Gleick and rewarding them for their service.
Our parliament is full of them ,evil,greedy,arrogant and manipulative.

Environmentalists have been proclaiming global famine since the Sixties when that chap Ehrlich wrote "The Population Bomb".
Apart from localised famines, usually due to war, it did not happen. The other big scare then being promoted was GLOBAL COOLING.
Several of today's most enthusiastic promoters of man-made global warming were keen on having us all freeze then. The smoke particles from factory chimneys would blot out the sun. There were even serious suggestions (on a par with today's "geo-engineering" to avert frying), such as strewing the Arctic ice cap with soot to absorb solar energy and prevent the glaciers from advancing.

There even seemed to be a chance they might be right. In 1973 there was a huge hike in grain prices. The Soviet communists launched a very successful secret buying raid on the Chicago market to make good the shortfall caused by the total failure of their 1972 Autumn-sown wheat crop which was due to intense frosts.

The CIA even wrote a report to say that "the science was settled" and that most of continental Russia, Northern China and Canada would be covered by permanent ice and snow. That was 1974. Yet by 1975 the first conference was being held to promote the theory of man-made global warming with the aim of forcing supra-national legislation on the Kyoto model.

What these manipulators will nowhere admit is that the tightness of food supplies has been exacerbated by the idiotic process of converting grain crops into biofuels and the reduction of productive farmlands by subsidising the production of "biomass" for power generation. You cannot both burn and eat a crop - and you cannot eat willow etc at all!

Also - the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is certain to improve the growth of crops. It's natural, non-polluting fertiliser. One Russian Academician called it "bread for plants". There is no particular evidence from ice cores etc to show that CO2 levels are related to temperature except after the event. After a period of warming, CO2 levels increase because warmer sea water holds less CO2 dissolved than cold sea water. They have been much higher in the past when temperatures were cooler.

Still, Samantha Cameron's dad trousers £1000 per day from his wind/subsidy farm, Mrs Clegg works for a firm which sells wind turbines and they are proposing to put the arch environmental profiteer/racketeer, Lord Deben (John Selwyn Gummer) in charge of the Climate Change Committee. As the old chorus went "My gosh, how the money rolls in" - and it's all from us!

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