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Working Class Green

Scot Peter Cranie in frame to lead English Green Party - UK - Scotsman.com

Cranie will learn tomorrow if his pledge to dismantle the party’s reputation as a “white, middle-class party” has won support among activists.

“What I would hope to do is broaden our appeal from our middle-class base. As leader I would be the person that speaks for the party and hopefully persuades members through moral argument,” he said. “I am a working-class Scot who can show that there is more to the party.”

Cranie’s left-wing credentials were shaped early on. He grew up in Bo’ness but when his father lost his job – because of Margaret Thatcher’s economic policies, he claims – the family moved to High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. Cranie was 11 and found the move to the Home Counties difficult. “My father worked in computer maintenance and he had to move jobs several times but then there simply wasn’t a job any more,” he said.

After graduating he sold Walkers crisps then became a bank financial adviser. It was a poor career fit and he soon gave it up to study social work. He now lectures in social care at West Lancashire College.

So he is a a Home Counties graduate College lecturer and that makes him "working class" to the Green Party. I wonder what class they think their gardeners are?


I'm surprised that in the 1980s or 90s a computer maintenance guy found difficulty getting a job down South.

Now and for the last 15 years it's definitely more difficult. IT morale is low wheree'er I go ...

It's hard to see what Thatcher could have had to do with computers becoming cheaper (making cost of labour
to repair more expensive), more reliable (requiring less maintenance),
more of a commodity, and the replacement of expensive wiring and component repairs by swappable modules.
Even the mini computers had swappable boards and weren't fully hard-wired.
Also, we discovered that regular "preventive maintenance" actually shortened the life of things.

Kinneil Colliery (peak year of production 1960)near Borrowstounness (did the Tories privatised "orrowstoun"? :) ) closed in December 1982 because of severe geological problems. Bo'ness Harbour closed in 1959 because it silted up. It's hoped to reopen it as a marina. Ballantines of Boness is a world class foundry for the highest quality cast iron products. It's a seventh generation family business whose owners adapted production to changing demands. Perhaps Mr Cranie would welcome the return of the whaling industry to Bo'ness?

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