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The Castle Doctrine

No charges over burglary shooting | UK news | The Guardian

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said it had made the decision not to take action against Andy and Tracey Ferrie after a senior official visited their home in Welby, Leicestershire.

In a statement released by the CPS, Judith Walker, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the East Midlands, said: "Looking at the evidence, it is clear to me that Mr and Mrs Ferrie did what they believed was necessary to protect themselves, and their home, from intruders."
Ms Walker said: "Earlier this afternoon, the head of the East Midlands Complex Casework Unit, Lawrence English, visited the scene of the incident to see for himself whether the accounts given by Mr and Mrs Ferrie were consistent with other evidence of what happened.

"As Crown Prosecutors we look at all cases on their merit and according to the evidence in the individual case. I am satisfied that this is a case where householders, faced with intruders in frightening circumstances, acted in reasonable self-defence.

"The law is clear that anyone who acts in good faith, using reasonable force, doing what they honestly feel is necessary to protect themselves, their families or their property, will not be prosecuted for such action.

Not quite sure why it needed a visit from the head of Complex Casework to work it out, seemed pretty simple to me, but good news anyway.


If they were as sensible over gun ownership we might see a decrease in the number of burglaries.

I trust their shotgun and cartridges have been returned to them, with a " Sorry about that Sir, Madam. Our mistake "

More and more of these cases as time goes on. Good precedent.


Why did the Police arrest this couple in the first place? Arrest should only be used when NECCESSARY - that's the Law. Were they violent and in need of restraint? were they uncooperative? were they attempting to flee?.Why weren't they asked to make witness statements as the victims of crime,and if those statements raised the possibility of an offence having been committed they could have attended voluntarily for interview, under caution if neccessary, without any need for the insulting and humiliating process of arrest. And why are the CPS making lengthy pronouncements about their decision? The arrests have become a politically sensitive matter. The CPS are supposed to be apolitical.( Keir Starmer please note)It's not for the CPS to try to mend Police fences or adopt a political line or pander to press comment. They should simply have said e.g " We have advised the Police against taking proceedings".

Hold on, someone shot someone in self defense in the UK, and the shooters were not treated like they had killed 75 school children with rusty spoons being jailed as hienous criminals lower than murders and pedophiles? They aren't being sued by the ah, "targets" for all sorts of legally dubious reasons funded by her majesty courts, driving them to bankruptcy?

Are you sure in this is the UK in 2012?

I'll take good news any time i can and this is very good news.

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