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The Deserving Rich

Ed Miliband: it's good to be rich 'if you make it the hard way' - Telegraph

Ed Miliband today declares that Labour will be on the side of capitalists who want to get rich, provided they work hard for their money.

David Miliband makes £14,000 from two-hour speech - Today's News - News - JournalLive

SOUTH Shields MP David Miliband is under the spotlight after earning more than £116-a-minute for making one speech.
The former Foreign Secretary received £14,000 for a two-hour speech to a law firm at Claridge's Hotel in London on June 14 - £116.66 a minute.
The payment is outlined in Mr Miliband’s declaration on the latest register of MPs’ financial interests. He collected £441,821.60 in outside earnings since June last year on top of his £65,738 annual salary as an MP.

Leaving aside the interesting conversation the Brothers may have, Ed is just recycling the old Marxist value equals labour, or as another bunch of socialists said work ennobles you.
Of course nobody ever got rich by working hard, it needs a sprinkle of luck as well.


It is a considerable improvement on Peter Mandelson "being intensely relaxed about people getting FILTHY rich"
There is a hint of honest toil and merit about it rather than simply cuddling up to bankers and
PFI contractors, expecting rewards from them for favours received whilst in office.
Though I doubt whether he really means it.

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