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Welcome To Scotland


Donald Trump ordered to tone down crusade against Scottish wind farms - Environment - Scotsman.com

DONALD Trump has been ordered by advertising watchdogs to tone down his crusade against wind farms around Scotland’s coastline after being accused of placing a “highly misleading” advert in a regional newspaper as part of his multi-million-pound campaign.

Earlier this year, the tycoon was reported to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after he took out a full-page newspaper advert with a picture of 11 rusting and redundant wind turbines, under the headline “Welcome to Scotland!”

The advert proclaimed: “Alex Salmond wants to build 8,750 of these monstrosities – just think about it!”

The advert carried a footnote stating “photo not taken in Scotland” and it later emerged that the turbines featured in the advert had been photographed at a redundant wind-farm site at Kamaoa in Hawaii.

Damned Yankee - next he will be insulting shortbread and men in skirts, how very dare he!


Shortforehead and men with rugs, surely?

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