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Halcyon Days For Scottish Wind Power

Scotland ‘not windy enough’ for green power - Environment - Scotsman.com

THE amount of electricity produced from “green” energy sources in Scotland fell by almost half for a period earlier this year – because it was not wet or windy enough.
The figures prompted opposition concerns that Scotland could be left in the dark if the “wind isn’t blowing”
The Scottish Government put the falls down to low rainfall, which help power hydro plants, in April and May, while “lower wind speeds” led to a fall in wind power.
Experts have warned bills could rise by hundreds of pounds to meet the cost of green energy, which is more expensive than coal and nuclear power.

But renewables do not produce carbon dioxide gas that is contributing to global warming, and with fossil fuels like coal and oil increasingly scarce, renewables are seen as the way to secure future energy supply.

Energy minister Fergus Ewing said: “These statistics show once again that Scotland leads the world in renewable energy generation and that our industry goes from strength to strength. We have a responsibility to make sure our nation seizes this opportunity to create tens of thousands of new jobs and secure billions of pounds of investment in our economy.”


I think the plan is to sell a great deal of "renewable" electricity at silly prices to mugs South of the Border, who have to meet their "renewables obligation" under EU-directed rules but to buy cheap, conventional electricity from the same mugs when the wind doesn't blow.
The unreliability of wind power makes the stability of the gid a nightmare for its controllers. The producers of wind power have to be paid for it whether it is generated at a time when there is a demand for it or not and conventional power stations have to be fired up, on instant standby in case the wind drops.

Scotland may not be windy enough, but I suspect that some towers around parliament could harvest some of that hot air.

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