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The Castle Doctrine 2

Justice Secretary set to give householders who shoot burglars more legal safeguards | The Times

Chris Grayling is expected to propose giving householders a stronger defence in law when using firearms to see off burglars. The new Justice Secretary has asked officials to examine ways of toughening up existing legislation that allows people to use “reasonable force” but which makes no mention of using weapons.
The announcement is expected to form a key part of Mr Grayling’s address to the Conservative Party conference next month, his first big speech since his promotion to the Cabinet was cheered by the Tory Right.
The most senior judge in England and Wales gave his backing yesterday to householders who react in fury and fear when they face burglars in their homes. In an impassioned defence of the home as a person’s “haven and refuge” Lord Judge, the Lord Chief Justice, said: “If your home is burgled and you’re in there, you have the right to get rid of the burglar.”


So there might be some sense in the new Pink Tories after all.

Ohhh, another ten years and you rejoin civilization with "no duty to retreat" & open carry being discussed.

The law is actually much better than people think it is. There are always big headlines around "X was arrested for shooting / killing / hitting a burglar with a frying pan", and usually much smaller ones around "the police discovered that the victim really was a burglar and it actually was self-defence, and so X was released without charge". The very atypical and extreme case of Tony Martin is always brought up, even after 13 years, and people are given the impression that they don't have the rights to self-defence which are very well established in law.

We don't even need to talk about changes to self-defence itself, there's no legal controversy. The argument should be about owning and carrying weapons for the purpose of self defence, which is where the law really is deficient.

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