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Rural Britain Today

Ratcatcher accused of murdering retired colonel was his lover, court hears - Telegraph

Christopher Docherty-Puncheon who is accused of blasting Lt Col Robert "Riley" Workman, 83, with a sawn-off shotgun confessed that he was in a sexual relationship with the older man.
Lt Col Workman was shot dead with a single blast from a sawn-off shotgun after answering a night-time knock at the door of his rural cottage in November 2004 in what is one of Britain's most notorious unsolved murders.
Docherty-Puncheon denies murdering Lt Col Workman and having a firearm with intent. The case continues.

Stable yard owner beaten with whip in midnight row over thorougbred - Telegraph

Dorothy Rugg-Easy discovered her thoroughbred Stella was missing from the stables last August. She says she entrusted Stella with former employee Ms Beavis under the agreement that she would be able to monitor her care at her stables.
The horse was kept away from the farm at another stables for almost a year before Mrs Rugg-Easy snatched her back on August 7, 2012.
Then just four days after winning back her horse Mrs Rugg-Easy and her daughter and grandaughter were attacked by drunk Thompson when he appeared in their stables - an act Ms Beavis denies having any knowledge of.

Sorry, have I drifted into an episode of Midsummer Murders.....


I must admit I had an "Archers" moment when I saw read those two articles.
Some lovely English names for the defendants for a change.

Perhaps all we needed was a typical English summer to bring it all out?

Mrs. Rugg-Easy?


As a name for a horsey person?

Sorry, that is completely ott. I now don't believe a single word of that article.

Hmmm, sort of a bit of James Bond and Dick Francis if you
know what I mean.....

As noted by earlier correspondents, the names alone (military rank, double barrelled, etc.) are worthy of Midsummer Murders, as is a horsewhipping.

Not too sure about the 'gay lover' subplot, though there may have been an episode I missed.

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