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EU Climate Spudulike

BBC News - Climate change: EU rebrands green energy campaign

The EU has launched a campaign aimed at showing how low-carbon solutions can improve quality of life.

The European Commission believes that policies to cut greenhouse gases will only work if individuals share the vision of a low-carbon society.

"It's perhaps been a bit too much doom and gloom in the past on climate," one official told the BBC at the launch in London. "We are now emphasising the need to inspire people."

The EU-wide campaign runs until 2014.

The campaign title "Worldulike" will doubtless raise eyebrows. The name is uncomfortably reminiscent of the British baked potato restaurant chain Spudulike.

EU Climate Spudulike: Welcome

The EU Climate Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, said climate policies would cut local pollution, reduce dependency on fossil fuel imports, improve resource efficiency, save money on energy and even make people fitter if they left their cars at home and cycled to work.

Critics will argue that some of these claims are contestable, but Ms Hedegaard told BBC News: "If we are defeatist over the climate we will get nowhere."

"There are many good solutions out there that other people can learn from. Climate change policies create jobs in Europe in renewable energy and retro-fitting - these aren't jobs that can be exported.

"The UK has enjoyed massive growth in the green economy with 110,000 green jobs. Climate change policies also help us reduce our imports of fossil fuels and help to give us the lead in smart technologies as resources become more scarce."

She said awareness of climate change varied widely throughout the EU. One of her officials admitted that the UK was suffering from something of a media backlash against climate policies because previously there had been media "overkill" on climate. But in some other countries - particularly in southern and eastern Europe - climate was not widely discussed.

When asked whether at a time of recession countries should seek the cheapest forms of energy possible to stay competitive Ms Hedegaard replied that this would result in the EU missing its climate targets.

There are some targets I would hate to miss...


This reminds me of the europhiles in the late Seventies when it became obvious that the EEC was not the Promised Land for us. It was OUR FAULT. Unless we became as enthusiastic as Ll the other member countries were ( they said) we would never get the benefits. It reminded me of the episode in "Peter Pan" when Tinkerbelle is dying. The audience is exhorted to repeat ( with feeling) "WE DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES". Tinkerbelle recovers. So, remember, Greenies all, every time somebody says "I don' t believe in Global Warming"' a wind turbine dies.

110,000 unproductive jobs paid for out of taxpayer subsidy - no wonder energy bills have gone up so much.

Useless twits - jobs are a cost not a benefit, don't they realise? That's 110,000 people who could be doing something profitable. As long as they didn't go and work in the public sector of course.

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