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Tory Attacks Soviet Economy Green Ideas Shock

'Soviet-style’ wind farm subsidies to face the axe - Telegraph

Owen Paterson, the new Environment Secretary, who took on the role last month, said wind developers should “stand on their own two feet” instead of asking for money from the state.
He said green technologies such as wind farms might actually have a worse impact than climate change, because they are causing “public insurrection”.
“There are significant impacts on the rural economy and the rural environment, all of which probably weren’t intended when these things were thought up,” he told an event at the Conservative Party conference. “It is not very green to be blighting the economy in one area.”
Mr Paterson said he would write to the Department of Energy with his view on ending green subsidies as part of a Government review of support for renewable energy.
“If you start having subsidies you end up with a Soviet-style system, where politicians make decisions that might actually be better made by the market,” he added.

What an embarrassing security breach, someone has let a Tory get into the Conservative party conference and actually make a speech. Expect it to be denied and hushed up.


Don't hold your breath.

This is pure conference-fodder designed to win back a few UKIP voters.

It'll be forgotten (or forbidden by the EU) in a week or two.

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