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Shooting News

Defra killed Cock Robin | The Sunday Times (£)

THE environment ministry licensed the killing of two robins and a wren with semi-automatic weapons after the tiny birds were declared a threat to public health.

Semi-automatic? I gather air-rifles were actually used.


Wimps. Robins and wrens are exceptionally dangerous - they ought to have used an 81mm mortar.

Otherwise, I imagine they were self loading air rifles but the Times wanted to make the story a bit more grabbing.

Or, like so many journalists, the numpty who wrote the piece knows nothing about guns.

"...and 152 starlings, all highly protected “red list” species..."

Huh? Starlings?

You mean those birds that fly around in flocks of (literally) millions at a time?

They are a highly-protected "red list" species?

It seems that, like so many journalists, the numpty who wrote the piece knows nothing about guns OR birds.

From http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/s/starling/index.aspx

"Help the Starling. We need to take urgent action to secure the future of this species. Become a member today and help us continue our vital conservation work."

"804,000 breeding pairs" in the UK.

Further to above:

Both Robin and Wren are at "Green" status according to the RSPB site.
Who do I trust: a MSM reporter on what used to be the newspaper of record or the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds? Difficult choice ...

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