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Poppy Sellers In A Multicultural City

Royal British Legion minders for young poppy sellers - Telegraph

The unprecedented security will be provided for young Army cadets in Bradford, West Yorks, after the attacks on teenage collectors.
The security chaperones will accompany the volunteers, aged between 10 and 17, amid concerns many are now too frightened to participate in fund-raising efforts.
From this week they will be shadowed by motor enthusiasts from the Legion’s Riders branch, many of whom are former members of the Armed Forces, following the series of incidents last year.
Those attacks left the local Legion branch horrified and forced Army officials to visit schools to stress the need to honour the fallen and overcome cultural barriers.
In one incident, a 13 year-old Army cadet, Bethany Holmes, was spat at three times by a group of younger Asian boys while collecting for the first time.....

Certain words will not be used in reports of this outrage, let us just say that one of the cultures that predominates in Bradford doesn't commemorate the sacrifice of our armed forces. Which opens the door the the odious Nick Griffin to make political capital.


No need to mention which 'culture.' Perhaps they should be shipped back to the 'superior' one their parents left behind? It might solve several problems.

Bradford is my home town, I can go on at length about the predominant culture.
I notice you didn't feel the need to put the word "Odious" before your name for stating the bleeding obvious, or is that only when Griffin says it?

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