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Thanks Cherie!

Lord Coe reveals how Cherie Blair won us the Olympics | The Times

Cheers, Cherie | The Times
Mrs Blair’s role in securing the Olympics may improve her battered public image.

It seems that Cherie Blair’s name should be added to the list of those who can claim some credit for the triumph of the London 2012 Olympics. According to Lord Coe, whose autobiography is serialised in The Times today, the then Prime Minister’s wife played a key role in London winning the contest to stage the Games.

It says something about the generosity of Lord Coe — and the secret of his success and the success of the Olympics — that he has found reason to give credit for the London Games to so many people, even some unlikely ones.
There are so many people to thank for securing the Games and making it such an unforgettable summer. .....

My normally neatly ironed copy of The Times has been screwed up and chucked of the Breakfast Room table to be trampled on by the dogs. For the first time I miss the incontinent cat who died last week.
The cover alone featuring Lord Sebum in his tight shorts was enough to turn the bacon to dust in my mouth but on opening the paper to see this leader illustrated with large photo of Her Ladyship it was all too much. At least I know my pharyngeal reflex still works.


The way she helped secure the Olympics was simple. She threatened to foist herself and her equally reprehensible offspring on any delegate who didn't vote for London. They simply wanted to avoid her for the rest of their lives.

I'm gob-smacked !

That woman.


She helped ensure that London has an ongoing debt of £9 Billion, all so that Lord Coe can feel even more smug about himself?

Thanks a bunch, letterbox-gob.

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