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Accountants Add Up 6 Degrees of Warming

Temperatures may rise 6c by 2100, says study - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent

The world is destined for dangerous climate change this century – with global temperatures possibly rising by as much as 6C – because of the failure of governments to find alternatives to fossil fuels, a report by a group of economists has concluded.

It will now be almost impossible to keep the increase in global average temperatures up to 2100 within the 2C target that scientists believe might avert dangerous and unpredictable climate change, according to a study by the accountancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

"This isn't shock tactics, it's simple maths."

Accountants, Don't cha luv 'em! Show them your books and tell them how much profit you want to have made and how much tax you are prepared to pay and they shuffle the beads to make it so. Not PwC of course, they would never do anything like that, not even to keep their Green energy clients happy...


"a report by a group of economists"

Not, you'll notice, a report by a group of scientists.

Not even a group from the University of Easy Access.

Not even a group of ralway engineers led by Pachauri.

Not even The Royal Society.

No, a group of economists.

And we should take notice because?

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