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If You Leave Me Now

Angela Merkel warns David Cameron over talk of EU exit | The Tim es

Mrs Merkel, before travelling to Downing Street. “I want a strong Britain in the EU. Britain was there when we were liberated from National Socialism.”
She added: “When you are somewhere alone in a seven billion-strong global population, I don’t think it is good for Britain. I believe you can be very happy on an island, but being alone in this world doesn’t make you any happier.”

"If you leave me you won't have any friends and you will be all alone"; the last desperate plea of many a Hausfrau as hubby remembers the days of his youth when he was a man of the world free to meet lots of charming young people form all over the globe rather than be tied her apron strings to their rather grubby home and her sponging relatives. He can barely remember wht he saw in her in the first place.

(Having infected myself with the earworm with that headline I had to find the song..

I'm sorry.)

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