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Lung Cancer Costs and Benefits

OnMedica - News - Lung cancer costs UK economy almost £2.5 billion a year

Research author, Dr Jose Leal, from the Health Economics Research Centre, University of Oxford, said: "€œLung cancer costs more than any other cancer, mainly because of potential wage losses due to premature deaths from people in employment - ”about 60 per cent of the total economic costs - ”and high health care costs."€

The link gives no more details apart from revealing it is a European study.

If we are going to be mercenary and count the cost to the economy of cancer then we should also count the benefit. Premature deaths of people in their fifties and sixties is probably an economic benefit not a cost. No pension to pay out, no long term care in the nursing home, no free bus passes to hand out and so on.

Does the full study include these benefits or is it it just a scary number exercise.

And against that supposed cost of £2.5 billion we could offset the £12.1 billion that tobacco pays in tax each year.

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