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Free To Choose Only What We Make You Choose

Sugar and salt levels in food so high food firms 'must face legal curbs' | UK news | The Guardian

Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said the "shocking" amount of sugar in many foodstuffs was hidden from consumers, but was so great that ministers had to intervene.

Burnham said: "Consumers need more help to choose health. But there should be some maximums for sugar, salt and fat. I think I have been persuaded of the case for this.

"Voluntary efforts [by producers to reformulate] have not worked and it's time for a different approach. There are some products on the market that are so full of salt, sugar or fat they are unacceptable and they have to be brought in line.

Don't you just love the condescending "consumers need more help" in their choice of foods and we are going to give it to them by banning some of the choices because they are stupid and we are clever.


All people will then do is put more salt on. Salt is good. We need salt.

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