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Your TV licence at Work

Threat to Lord Patten as BBC chief George Entwistle gets £1.3m pay-off - Telegraph

Mr Entwistle, who resigned on Saturday night after just 54 days in the job, leaves with a £450,000 lump sum on top of his £877,000 pension pot,...
The BBC Trust said Mr Entwistle had been given a year'€™s salary, which amounts to £8,333 for every day he spent as director-general, to "œreflect the fact that he will continue to help the BBC business"€ by giving evidence to a series of inquiries into the Jimmy Savile affair and "to effect a speedy resolution and allow the BBC to move on".


When the job became available I looked at what it involved and decided I was not competent.
As a result, I did not cost the BBC a mint of money, unlike the DG who only decided it after he got the job.
He gets £1.3M. I deserve a similar amount.
(I will settle for 1 day's salary - £8333 - but don't tell the BBC yet. Pay it into my Cayman Island account, please.)

Thank goodness I don't need to pay this.

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