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EU Dream

BBC News - Ed Miliband: Britain 'sleepwalking' into EU exit

Britain is "sleepwalking" into leaving the EU, which would undermine the UK's economy and leave it "voiceless and powerless," Ed Miliband will say.

Sleepwalking? Is that when a dream controls ones actions?


Yes, I've noticed how countries outside the EU, like Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein are really struggling. What Milibandwagon really fears is losing his chance of a Brussels non-job if we leave the EU.

Voiceless and powerless, just like we were before 1975?

And his problem is what?

It's beautiful the way it's all just falling apart now.

True, it isn't a shame (or a surprise) that the whole rotten edifice is crumbling around the EUWankers' ears. What is a shame is the collection of royally-fucked-up countries it is set to leave in its wake.

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